Where to Find Private Clients to Write For?

Online freelance writers spend many hours writing for money on content sites like Demand Studios, Associated Content, Hub Pages and a list of other sites. Although some sites like Demand Studios pay decent, you still need to write quite a few articles to make ends meet each month if you are not writing articles to market products. Freelance writers must be constantly looking for private online clients to add to their writing business. Private clients pay much better per article and are often much easier to write for. But finding private clients can sometimes be frustrating. Let’s look at some of the places we can find private clients on a regular basis.

Create Your Own Website

One thing you should do as a freelance writer is to create your own website or blog. I am not talking about a free service here either. Spend a little bit of money ($20 average) to secure a domain name and get a host. I use GoDaddy.com for all of my sites. A domain name runs you about $10 a year and hosting averages $8 a month. Create a site advertising the fact that you are a freelance writer. Put some of your best work on the site to showcase your talents. Put a link to your website in your email and forum signatures. Let people know that you are a freelance writer for hire.

When you place your work on your site, instead of sending prospective client “free” samples you can just refer them to your site. By paying for hosting and getting your own domain name you reflect a more professional appearance. I’ll even create a link for freelance writers here on our blog as extra advertising. Just send an email with your link.:)

Join Forums

Make it a habit to join and contribute to forums in your expertise of writing or marketing forums. Website owners and bloggers are constantly looking for freelance writers. When you join a forum, go directly to the user control panel and set your profile up. Place a nice picture as your avatar. Include your name and a link to your website. Maybe even place in”Writer For Hire” or “Freelance Writer” under your signature. Then hit the newbie welcome board. Tell them who you are and what you do. Be friendly and don’t try to sell your services. Your signature will do all the selling you need to do.

Participate in the forum on a regular basis. Don’t spam the forum but offer helpful advice, ask a question or elaborate on a previous poster’s statement. The point is to be an active, contributing member. My advice is to make it a daily habit to join at least 2 forums a week and participate in each one at least once a day. Marketers and bloggers will see your signature and see the responses you have on the forum. This will bring you many clients long term.

Search Craigslist

Despite the horror stories you may have heard, Craigslist is still a lucrative place to find private clients when you are writing for money. Just like in forums, website owners and bloggers are constantly advertising the need for freelance writers. Some pay well, others not so well. But if you take one that pays not so well, continue to put in your best effort. The reason is because people talk, and word of mouth advertising can make or break your freelance writing career.

Stay away from postings that do not offer pay or who ask for “free” samples. There is no need in giving away your hard work. If someone asks for free samples, refer them to your website. Be choosy but don’t be so choosy that you turn down every offer out there. Sometimes we gotta take the small bills to make the big bills.