Know What Reseller Hosting Is

 To host a website, the first thing one has to do is to find the best way to host it, there are many options rather types of hosting at his disposal, and it’s for him to choose whether he uses a dedicated server, a shared server or to go in for a resold hosting service. The Reseller hosting offers the best cost-effective way for hosting a website. Practically it offers the best suited bandwidth/disk space that a fresh host requires.

Reseller Hosting

The Reseller hosting is nothing but a hosting service resold by an intermediate user who has already bought it. If this is not clear, consider the scenario where a company offering web development service getting a hosting service from a big provider at a reasonable price with a huge bandwidth and disk space allocated for him. Then he offers a part of the disk space and part of the allocated bandwidth to his customers. Now what the latter has actually done is resold a part of the service he bought. It’s mostly like buying on a wholesale level from a provider and offering it in partitions to the second level customer.

How is it helpful

The Reseller hosting can come in handy for both the intermediate client and the second level customer. A person who is just starting a small scale business confining to a very small market niche and limited to a very small region of activity, does not actually need huge bandwidths and TBs of storage. It’s just a starting place he is trying to make and a less storage capacity and practically enough bandwidth is suited for him. The big providers don’t actually provide hosting service with such specifics. So the reseller hosting becomes the only way out for such requirements. The Reseller hosting also provides a big opportunity for making the best profit to the intermediate buyer. If the reseller can mange and promote his service efficiently and effectively, he can make a very productive business out of the reselling concept.

What are the things to look for?

If you are trying to become a reseller you have to make sure you have the perfect bargain in buying the service initially. Then the promotion and efficient providing of service decides his success. Also the efficient and productive way of allocating bandwidth and disk space will lead to increased customers. And a problem reported by a customer is mostly one that has to be forwarded to the original provider, which makes the reseller’s work easy.

If you are a person who likes to host a web site just for experimentation or for public viewing in certain contexts then it’s out of question that Reseller Hosting is the best hosting service that suits you. If you are a person starting a home based business and cannot afford a shared or a dedicated server, then reseller hosting is the best thing you can get. What you really have to check is whether the reseller offers you a reasonable space and bandwidth for the money, and whether the control panel that he provides is efficient and easy to use.

Thus we see that the reseller hosting is nothing but a website hosting service that is offered to a client after a layer of filtering, where the constraints are changed and a freshly packed service comes into picture, and it’s just the service that suits the many enthusiastic web developers out there.

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs — Let’s List Our Early Influences: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Recently I took part in a lively tele-seminar that was presented by a panel of renowned Internet successes. These four are known for their lucrative on-line businesses, their sincerity, honesty, integrity and obvious desire to help others succeed. One of the panelists made a statement that inspired me to think about and write this article, along with using the theme of “Influence” for my upcoming e-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri.

Alexandria Brown, the E-Zine Queen, said that she wasn’t sure where she heard it but to paraphrase, “As people, we are the average of those people we hang around with.” This started me thinking about those who have and still are influencing my life, my business and me. It also made me think of other influences that have directed my journey. In this article, I share thoughts, experiences, ideas and questions that will help you on your successful journey as a free agent, independent professional and freelancer.

Early influences — the good, the bad and the ugly — must be addressed. You and I both know people who dwell on the past. They talk about how their parents messed them up; their friends as they grew up were a “terrible” influence; they had poor teachers, few or no privileges and a continual struggle for everything they wanted or needed.

I submit to you that no matter how good or bad our pasts were, we can find nuggets of influence that will still prove to be positive strengths and helps today. The success stories abound about those who grew up in poverty and are now millionaires, those who were raised by illiterate parents and today have their PhDs, and those who have faced incredible challenges health wise, yet keep on plugging along with determination.

I value making lists. Look way back and make a list of all of the hard times, obstacles and challenges in your past. Next to each, write how these unsavory experiences influenced you for the better. Usually, it is the obstacles and failures that we face that spur us on to greatness. When you finish this exercise, you will be surprised by how much better those past times will appear to be. Now, for the fun part!

Make a list of all of the good influences you enjoyed in the past. Here are some of the questions to answer:

  • What are some of the lessons my parent(s) taught me that have helped over the years?
  • What teacher made the most impact on my future? How and why?
  • Who are the friends that I still think of with love and how did they affect my life and influence me?
  • What books and movies did I love as a child? Why?
  • What games and sports did I pursue and what did I learn from participating?
  • What did I want to be when “I grew up?” Do I still have that goal, or am I already living it? Should I be?
  • What are the very best and happiest memories from my childhood? Why?

By now, you should be re-evaluating the past influences in your life and the ways you can make them work to your advantage today. What have you learned that you can use to enliven your business and bolster your success?

Find Freelance Jobs – How To Apply For Data Entry Jobs To Have An Opportunity Of Working From Home

Working from home data entry jobs come in all forms and sizes. From the simple entry of data into the Excel spreadsheet to the retrieval of data from the internet, the job offers are so plentiful that it’s so hard to keep up with. You can find these freelance jobs posted at the top freelance sites you will come across and one of these is boasts of a very large membership base with more than one million freelancers registered currently. The site is very easy to navigate because there are separate sections for the employers, where they can browse through the huge list of service providers, and the freelancers, where they can find freelance jobs they are capable of doing. And this is where some working from home data entry jobs are located with which you can attempt to apply.

By adhering to the following steps, you will be able to find these freelance jobs on data entry at and working from home:

  1. Sign up by clicking the Register link at the top right corner of the website. Fill up the registration form and click the Create My Account button at the bottom of the page.
  2. After you have confirm your registration, go back to the homepage. Just above the search box at the top right corner, click on the ‘Employers: Looking to hire?’ link. This will lead you to the freelancers section of the site, and then log in.
  3. On the control panel, hover the mouse on the ‘Get Work’ menu and click the ‘Search for Projects’ link. This will lead you to the entire list of freelance jobs you can find.
  4. On the skills category on the left hand side, click on Admin Support. Under it, click on Data Entry.
  5. You will then see the list of data entry job offers. Each offer is different you will have to browse on each one of them to verify if you are capable of carrying out the task.
  6. And lastly, place your bid and hope for the best.

That’s all you need to do in order to find freelance jobs for data entry at in order to have an opportunity of working from home. Just keep on repeating the last two steps until you are hired. Persistence and perseverance are good qualities you must possess in order to succeed aside from loving what you’re doing.