My Favorite Technology for Freelance Bookkeepers

Technology can make your life easier as a freelance bookkeeper. But on the other hand if you’re not careful, it can make it needlessly complicated. Before you chose to implement any new technology, you need to do your due diligence.

Getting recommendations from fellow freelance bookkeepers is a good place to start. While I don’t consider myself a technical guru, I want to share some things that I’ve found that can make your life easier.

For a safe and secure way to share information, I like ShareFile. You can brand it with your own company logo. You pay one fee by the quarter. I think it’s about $90. You can have as many users on it as needed and set up a private folder for each one. If you’re working on a project for someone, you can give him or her a link where they can upload their information. It’s really helpful.

To consolidate your phone calls with an 800 number, I like Grasshopper. You can use it to route calls to any phone number you want. You log onto the panel and set up your parameters so that it goes to your cell phone. You’ll also get an e-mail notification whenever you have a message.

When your staff is virtual, you don’t want your clients to call six different numbers to reach six different people. You want to give them one phone number to call and then choose from the dial-by-name directory. All your virtual assistants get his or her own extension. For $25 you get the number and the service.

For a scheduling tool, I like TimeTrade. It’s a great way to allow people to schedule their own free consultation with you. You set up the times that you have available ahead of time. When someone is interested, they can take care of scheduling their own appointment. If someone decided to schedule an appointment with you at midnight, they can do it right then rather than waiting until the next day to reach an assistant. While the interest is alive, TimeTrade can capture it.

A good motto for incorporating any new technological tool into your business is: Do it if it’s going to make it easier for your customer. That’s the bottom line. If it’s easy, people are going to do it.

There are a lot of tools and programs to choose from out there. And if you’d like to talk with other freelance bookkeepers about what they like, join us at the Bookkeeper’s Club where we discuss subjects that really make a difference to your bottom line.