Freelance Scripts – An Experts Review of Paid, Custom and Free Scripts

If you need a script to run a business on the internet, you will notice there are a few choices. One is to make or have a script custom designed. The second is to pay for a pre-made script. And the third is to find a resource directory that offers free scripts to download.

Option 1: Custom Scripts

Designing your own script or having one made can be a good path to take if there is not a script currently out there that does what you need it to. But it can be long and confusing process if you don’t start out with some highly defined goals and coding experience. If you don’t know coding yourself, most probably you end up at the mercy of the coder for any future changes or security issues. This can become an expensive option.

Option 2: Free Scripts

Downloading a free script is another option for business owners. The price is right, so why not? Although free scripts are found everywhere and easy to set up and use, they have a couple of major problems.

Free scripts and free software downloads are one of the strongest attractions to business owners wanting a shortcut. Unfortunately, they are also one of the biggest security risks.

Spammers use free scripts to their advantage cleverly to extract data from your site. They can use emails captured from programs such as refer-a-friend to create lists and sell them to other spammers. This is a major violation of permission marketing and can result in major damage to your website from your server stopping your service to you hosting company deactivating your email privileges. Not to mention how your customer will feel after having their loyalty and trust abused.

Many business owners have reported problems with a free script. The most common complains occur when the customer server gets broken into because of a security issue with the free script. Once the hackers are in the server they can steal valuable data, delete the sites or do anything they like with them. This causes a lot of problems obviously and they unfortunately learned a hard and expensive lesson, that a free script is not always the best choice.

Option 3: Paid Scripts

Buying a pre-made script is another option that many business owners take. They have decided that the cost for the script is worth more than their time and frustration of trying to develop it themselves. Examples of pre-made scripts include the MySpace MSRS script or the LayeredPanel free hosting panel script. These scripts save the site owners a lot of time and get their business up very quickly. So anyone who wants to set up a free website hosting site only needs a script with control panel features such as those found in Layered Panel.

After a business owner has bought these scripts, he or she will notice they come with rather generic and basic templates. Those templates are the same design that many other script users have so the best combination is to get a unique custom template (also known as theme or skin) for your script to attract more customers. Complete custom designs are usually around $300-400 for the entire process (the design, the coding and the integration to the script). Another option is to buy a website skin or template that has been designed for that script. This isn’t as unique as having a custom script but is also less money (usually less than $100). If you are serious about making money with your business, buying a script that is well designed with no security issues and having a custom design for your website is always worth it in the end.