7 Essentials for New Freelance Copywriters Looking for the Best Website Hosting Plan

Having an online presence (be it a full-service blog or a regular website) is vital to sustaining a freelance copywriting business. After all, the first place potential customers will look for information about you is on the Web. The next thing they’ll want to know is how your services can benefit them and yes, they will look to the Web for this. However, as you undoubtedly know, in order to have a website for them to visit, you will need a web hosting provider.

To start on this journey in search of the right web host, you will also need to know how to select the right service, and, to do that of course, you need to have some basic idea of your own web hosting needs and need to have a logical starting place. Consider the following:


Look for comments from prior or current customers of web hosts that you may be considering to help you determine which webhosting company is best for you. I scoured the sites of writing freelancers, copywriter colleagues and Internet marketers that I trusted as authorities on the subject. In a short time, I was able to figure out which service was best for me. Initially, I basically needed a brochure-type site with no bells and whistles, and I found one. But when I began to grow, my needs changed. At both times, I conducted research pretty much the same way, coupled with an independent check on the specs of the companies in question.

Check out freelance copywriters who are doing what you plan to do. E-mail them and ask them who they use. Ask them if they are satisfied with the service, etc. Hint: if they run ads on their site for a particular company, there’s a good chance that that company is their current or previous web host. Either way, (if it’s not a Google-sponsored, PPC-type ad) it’s a safe bet that these are companies they trust enough since they’ve gone out of their way to endorse them, so to speak.

Round the Clock Technical Customer Service

If you are new at operating your own website, quality customer service should be among the key essentials of the web hosting service. You want a company that has 24-hour customer service and technical assistance. This is true even if you are tech savvy. Not all things will be able to be resolved by you alone. And, as a new business owner, if you are not tech savvy, you will need to work with people who are sensitive and patient as you deal with whatever issues you may have. There’s nothing like an exasperated customer service rep to make you feel worse while you’re in the throes of a website crisis. Been there. Not fun.

Ease of Control Panel

Because I am not tech savvy, “ease of control panel” was right up there at the top of my list of priorities. It was the primary reason I initially selected my second web host – Homestead/Intuit -on which to set up my many websites – for its simplicity. And I loved it, but, as you will see, if you work your business right, freelance copywriting businesses grow and their needs change. In other words, “ease of control panel,” may not be all you need.


Uptime is the percentage of time your host is accessible through the Internet. You always want your service to be functioning and available for use, i.e., the uptime. This means you are able to update your website’s pages, and that visitors will be able to come to your site whenever they make attempts to enter your website. When a hosting service cannot guarantee uptime, the results can be disastrous.

Disk space

Hosting space is the amount of room that your web host provides to store your files, including your graphics, HTML, videos, etc. If you’re not sure how much space you’ll need for your site, I recommend you pick a web host company that has unlimited disk space. This way, you can create as many web pages as your heart desires.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that is accessed by your visitors over a period of one month. If you don’t know how much bandwidth you need for your website, choose a host with unlimited data transfer so you can support any number of visitors you want.


Hosting service companies are not created equal. You want a host that suits your needs, but one that is affordable. There is much too much competition out there for you to be paying through the nose for hosting service. But there’s affordable, and then there’s cheap. Watch out for cheap. And I certainly would not recommend free. When it comes to website hosting, there is a real truth to “you get what you pay for.” Free hosting is often undependable and has many other downsides that, ultimately, end up being costly to your pocket, to your reputation, to you professionally and possibly, emotionally.

Do plenty of research with respect to web hosting companies. Check to see what other copywriters and marketing companies are using. Chances are, the services you need will be comparable to the services their hosting companies provide.

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